Company Profile

Introduction to Paragon Europe

Paragon Europe is an innovative, international EU affairs, advisory and compliance company with head offices in Malta and Brussels. From its inception, Paragon Europe has striven to realise excellence by competing with cutting edge peers in the ultra-competitive market of EU funding.

With over twelve years of operational experience, our multilingual, multicultural and multidisciplinary team has developed the right expertise to carry out tender and project activities to the highest standards. With an average annual participation in over 350 EU projects and with a success rate comparable to the topmost European Universities, Paragon Europe has field of research and innovation projects.

Paragon Europe works with both private and public organisations, NGOs, universities, educational institutes and agencies offering various services related to European funded programmes such as Horizon 2020, Erasmus+, Youth Workers, COSME, PON/POR and more. We assist these organisations with the sourcing and implementation of EU funded projects and tailor our services to each individual requirement ensuring positive results every time. Besides advising public and private organisations on EU funding, Paragon staff also assist good organisations to become great through business and financial advice.

Unique Approach to Realising Excellence

Paragon Europe aims to realise excellence for its clients in matters linked to social development, education, training and economic development through social and cultural activities, services and products. The unique approach Paragon employs means that it brings added value to participation in EU funding programmes and projects directed towards curriculum development, community development, capacity building and social and economic development in territories, regions and communities. This project participation is the result of excellent networks built over eleven years in which Paragon Europe participates regularly and has the honour to occasionally lead.

Paragon Europe has a unique strategy intimately linked to its corporate social responsibility which strives to optimise investment opportunities available to prospective public and private clients. Moreover, Paragon aims to assist its clientele in transforming these funding opportunities into concrete realities whilst simultaneously operate.

Through its leading role in EU affairs, Paragon Europe fulfils the corporate social responsibility aspect of its fundamental mission by ensuring that extensive stakeholder engagement in the community is realised through these funding opportunities, thus improving the communities we and our clients operate in.

Our Philosophy

Our service philosophy is based on assisting our clients to become better organisations through our range of services and products.

This is achieved through various activities including, but not limited to, provision of direct advice at the territorial or regional level, provision of individual and group training, capacity building, coaching and mentoring. Our various ‘READINESS PACKAGES’ aim to give added value to the services we offer thus allowing our philosophy to become a reality.

Our Past and Future Ambitions

Founded in 2004 by Anton and Nadia Theuma with the vision of assisting local and regional authorities in sourcing EU funding opportunities and in the implementation of EU funded projects, Paragon Europe has grown consistently and today employs more than 50 specialised personnel in ensuring that excellence is realised on behalf of all our esteemed clientele.

Paragon Europe's ambition is to contribute, both in Malta and Europe, to the objectives of the EU Social Agenda and the "headline targets" of the Europe 2020 Europe are focused on the following areas:

Education and Training
Sustainable Development and Environment (energy, transport, water etc.)
Cultural Heritage and Tourism
Social Inclusion
ICT - Information and Communication Technologies
Innovation and Entrepreneurship

In 2015, the company embarked on an expansion programme aimed at opening 10 offices in the EU and beyond by the year 2020.